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Hundreds of Granite Colors

Mees Tile & Marble imports natural stone tiles and slabs from distant places to provide our customers with a wide variety of choices.

  • Over 100 different colors of  granite slabs are inventoried
  • Hundreds of others accessible within two weeks.
  • We custom fabricate slab material for a variety of applications.


Buy only what you need for your project

When you buy natural stone products from Mees Tile & Marble, you pay only for what you utilize for your project (engineered quartz excluded). No need to buy the entire slab. Mees Tile & Marble inventories over 100 colors of natural stone slabs that we import from around the world. Visit one of our Louisville or Lexington locations to choose the specific slab you want for your project.

A sampling of colors

Granite: Phoca Opalescence granitePhoca Opalescence Granite

Granite Phoca Maduragold granitePhoca Maduragold Granite
Granite Phoca Labradorite Blue granitePhoca Labradorite Blue Granite
phoca_thumb_m_labrador_antique-granitePhoca Labrado Antique Granite
phoca_thumb_m_juperana_tca-graniteJuperana Tca Granite
phoca_thumb_m_bianco_tuscano-graniteBianco Tuscano Granite
phoca_thumb_m_golden_taupe-graniteGolden Taupe Granite
phoca_thumb_m_juperana_fantistico-graniteJuperana Fantastico Granite
phoca_thumb_m_golden_persia-graniteGolden Persian Granite
phoca_thumb_m_cloudy_yellow-graniteCloudy Yellow Granite
phoca_thumb_m_brown_antique-graniteBrown Antique Granite
phoca_thumb_m_bordeaux-graniteBordeaux Granite

phoca_thumb_m_blue_pearl-graniteBlue Pearl Granite

phoca_thumb_m_black_galaxy-graniteBlack Galaxy Granite
phoca_thumb_m_blue_eyes-granite (1)Blue Eyes Granite
phoca_thumb_m_absolute_black-graniteAbsolute Black Granite
phoca_thumb_l_verde_pea_tuna-graniteVerde Pea Tuna Granite
phoca_thumb_l_volga_blue-graniteVolga Blue Granite
phoca_thumb_l_tropic_brown-graniteTropic Brown Granite